We carry 5 different types of organic layer feed: ground, no soy ground, crumble, no soy pellet and whole grain, plus 2 types of conventional layer feed: crumble and pellet.  

Organic scratch, chick starter and chick grower are also regularly in stock.

Feed bags are in 40 or 50 lb. sizes with many also available in bulk by the pound. 

All of our feeds are made in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

chicken feed and chicken keeping supplies

Looking to get started with backyard chickens?  We sell chicks from February through June, and offer chicken-keeping classes at the store all year round. We are your source for feeders, waterers, brooder lamps and bulbs, remedies for common ailments and supplements of all kinds. We commonly stock egg cartons, chicken toys, meal worms and other treats.  Pine bedding, hay and/or straw bales are also stocked all year.