At this time our sales are limited to outdoor shopping in person following social distancing guidelines, or pre-order and pickup. 

We do not make this decision lightly. Our team is small and we need to keep our staff healthy by limiting contact with the public. If one of our team gets sick, our entire store may need to close. When we keep our staff healthy, we can stay open and continue to offer our services to make sure you get the supplies you need for your garden and homestead this spring.

Our front doors will be closed.  If you knock we may be able to come and take your order outdoors with a phone or Ipad, please be patient as this may not always be possible. You can shop in person in our backyard space during store hours or you can make your orders ahead of time by email,, we will call you back. Please make sure to include your phone number so we can call you for payment.

Pickup areas are located on the side of our building or in our back building during our regular store hours. 

We do not have a detailed inventory or online order system at this time, but you can look at product sections of our website to get an idea of what we have in stock, our seed and plant lists are updated as often as we are able.  Please be patient with us as we have only one phone line, and be aware you may receive a call back from a staff person’s cell.  We will not always be able to answer the store phone or call you back if you leave  message there.

Stay safe and be well,
Audrey, Leslie, Johanna, Leah, Cami, and Bob


Welcome to Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply!  Is this the year you woke up dreaming of fresh raspberries picked from your own garden? Does the thought of a small flock of  backyard chickens make you smile? Did you know you can tap your backyard maple, make your own fresh cheeses, grow rhubarb in the middle of your flower garden?

Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply is your source of supplies and inspiration for your own backyard homestead. We sell seeds, plants, soils and tools for small-scale urban kitchen gardens, as well as backyard chicken-keeping supplies, canning and preserving, fertilizers and pest control, all with an organic and sustainable focus. We believe your backyard garden and homestead can be beautiful, edible and sustainable, and we want to help you make that happen.