We are celebrating the 12th annual Twin Cities Coop Tour, a self-guided tour of chicken coops in the greater metro area. This annual tradition was started in 2006 by Al Bourgeois, a long-time chicken-keeper and poultry enthusiast, as a great way to meet other chicken-keeping neighbors and learn how they make it work.

​​This is a FREE self-guided tour. You don't need to sign up to go on the tour, just visit any or all of the coops listed on the map.  Maps will be available online a few days before the tour and printed maps will also be available to pick up at Egg|Plant. Share your photos and experiences with #twincitiescooptour on Instagram and Facebook!

To be a host this year, just sign up by September 8th.

Each year there is a t-shirt design contest for the latest coop tour t-shirt!  The 2017 Coop Tour T-shirt contest winning design is Damond Kyllo. 

​Order your shirts here by 10am September 4th!

About Damond....
“Trained as a tropical ecologist, I have spent a few decades as a researcher in Panama. In the small villages, chickens commonly roam free. Back in the Twin Cities... my sister, Elise Kyllo, has kept chickens in the Powderhorn neighborhood for many years and a love for these quirky birds has entered our lives in many artistic ways.
I originally created the chicken art in the tradition of a mola from the Kuna tribe in Caribbean Panama. It resides on a wall of a little preschool in a tiny village, painted as a community mural project. My bicycle has been a primary means of transportation throughout my life, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to adapt the chicken mola art.”

The 12th annual

2017 Twin Cities Coop Tour

Saturday, September 16th

10 am to 4 pm


It is a FREE, self-guided tour so you visit coops and talk chickens with your neighbors all over the Twin Cities.

Thanks to the volunteers who generously open their yards and lives to share their chicken-keeping experience.

​Order your 2017 Twin Cities Coop Tour shirts here by September 4th!