The 15th annual 
2020 Twin Cities Coop Tour

This year, like everything else, will be a little different. As usual, there will be the free, self-guided tour of chicken coops in the greater metro area. For the first time, however, we are also encouraging virtual coop tours using streaming videos.

Live Tour:
Volunteer hosts sign up to have their coop on the tour and have their coop added to the map on the coop tour page listed below. Guests can visit any or all of the coops listed on the map in person following the safety guidelines listed on the website below to ensure the safety of people and animals alike.

Virtual Tour:
Hosts create a 3-5 minute video of their coop setup and sign up to be included on the coop tour page listed below. On the day of the tour, we will hold a virtual question and answer session with some of our virtual hosts to talk about their experience with chicken keeping.
As always, the live coop tour is a self-guided tour. You don't need to sign up to go on the tour, just visit any or all of the coops on the tour. And as always, this is a great way to talk to other chicken-keeping neighbors and learn how they make it work.

​Order a black fabric mask or a shirt with this year's design: the 2020 Coop Tour masked-hen mascot.

Masks available in adult large $20, adult small $20 and children's $15
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Order deadline is Sunday, September 13th.

Share your photos and experiences

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Thank you to the volunteers who generously open their yards and lives to share their chicken-keeping experiences, and thank you to the virtual hosts for creating fantastic video tours this year!

To see the coops and the rest of the details, please visit:

The 15th annual

2020 Twin Cities Coop Tour

Thanks to all who participated in the Coop Tour in 2020- Hope to see you in 2021 too!