We carry feed for your backyard flock from baby chick to mature layer with organic and conventional options.

Chick Starter - 40#, 23#, 10# organic, medicated by request

Chick Grower - 40#, 23# or 10# organic

Conventional Layer Feed - 40# mini pellet or crumble

Organic Layer Feed - 10# whole grain

23#Local Whole Grain Mile Four no soy or corn

40#-Local Whole Grains or S&P Whole Grain no soy

50#- ground, ground no soy, mini pellet, no soy pellet, crumble

Supplements: Grit- chick, grower, layer - asst sizes and bulk

PoultryCal- 50# or in bulk by the pound 

By Request/PreOrder: 50# Organic Scratch or NON GMO Scratch

Pre Order other types of feed by request

chicken feed and chicken keeping supplies

Looking to get started with backyard chickens?  We sell chicks from February through June, and offer chicken-keeping classes at the store all year round.

We are your source for feeders, waterers, brooder lamps and bulbs, remedies for common ailments and supplements of all kinds.

We commonly stock egg cartons, chicken enrichment items, ceramic eggs, leg bands, meal worms, grubs, nesting box herbs, spouting seeds, supplements, treat squares and other treats.  

Pine shaving bedding (fine and coarse), Flock Fresh, hay and/or straw bales are also stocked all year. 

For the colder temperatures there are radiant heaters from Sweeter Heater, heated waterers or heated bases, and thermocubes that can turn your heaters on based on air temperatures.