HEIGHT: ~15 ft.

SPREAD: ~15 ft.

​ZONE: 3-6

​​Named after Charles Haralson, superintendent of the U of MN Fruit Breeding Farm. A natural semi-dwarf tree that produces medium-sized red fruit. Hard, crisp and tart. Good dual purpose apple, but especially good in pie.

5 gallon pot. ​$78

Fruit TREES FOR 2022


HEIGHT: 12-15 ft.

SPREAD: 15-18 ft. 

ZONE: 4-8

​A freestone peach with bright yellow flesh. Matches 'Reliance' in cold-hardiness and tolerance of spring frosts. Sweet, extra-juicy fruit is an absolute delight for fresh eating, canning, baking, and freezing. Self-pollinating. 'Contender' ripens mid-to-late August.

10 gallon pot. $132


HEIGHT: 8-10 ft.

SPREAD: 6-8 ft.

​ZONE: 4-8

​Genetic dwarf introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1950. Red fruit with a small stone. Very productive. A sour pie cherry. Blooms in early May. No cross-pollination needed. Bright red deepening to mahogany skin. Yellow, juicy, tender flesh. Tree resistant to leaf spot and brown rot.

5 gallon pot. ​$78

HEIGHT: 8-12 ft.

SPREAD: 6-10 ft.

ZONE: 4-8

​Blue - European Plum. Good eaten off tree. Excellent for dessert, jam and preserves. Tender, juicy flesh. Considered the best blue cultivar in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

5 gallon pot. ​$78




HEIGHT: 15-20 ft.

​SPREAD: 10-12 ft.

​ZONE: 3-8

​Deep, dark red fruit 1" in diameter and excellent for baking and fresh eating. The fruit is sweeter than other sour cherries. Extremely hardy buds. 

5 gallon pot. ​$78

Fruit tree preorders are open! We're only getting one delivery this year around mid-August and you can place your order anytime before then. To place an order, you can call the store at 651-645-0818 to reserve one or send us an email at Preordering will stay open until the trees arrive, and after that they'll be available on a first come, first served basis. Happy planting!

HEIGHT: ~15 ft.

SPREAD: ~15 ft.

​ZONE: 4-7

​An exciting apple that is exceptionally crisp and juicy. Flavor is sweet but well-balanced. Excellent storage life, up to 7 months.  Ripens in late September in Minnesota and stores like a late season variety. Has become an outstanding commercial and home orchard variety because of its explosive crispness, flavor and storage life. Minnesota's state fruit!

5 gallon pot. ​$78