HEIGHT: 15-20 ft.

SPREAD: 10-12 ft.

​ZONE: 5-8

One of the finest early peaches. Colors a beautiful red and golden yellow. Flesh is firm, smooth textured and fine flavored. Fruit is medium size, round, uniform and appealing. Good for freezing, canning, and shipping. Disease resistant. One of the hardier peaches. Fruit sets heavily, must be thinned to reach size.


Fruit TREES FOR 2024


HEIGHT: 12-15 ft.

SPREAD: 15-18 ft. 

ZONE: 4-8

​A freestone peach with bright yellow flesh. Matches 'Reliance' in cold-hardiness and tolerance of spring frosts. Sweet, extra-juicy fruit is an absolute delight for fresh eating, canning, baking, and freezing. Self-pollinating. 'Contender' ripens mid-to-late August.

10 gallon pot. $172​



HEIGHT: Varies, can reach up to 25 ft.

SPREAD: Varies

ZONE: 2-7

Originated in 1946 as an open-pollinated seedling of 'Malinda' by the University of Minnesota. Pleasant nut-like flavor. Large crabapple (2" diameter). Outstanding flavor and good texture for fresh eating. Medium storage life. Hardy.

5 gallon pot. ​$98

HEIGHT: 8-10 ft.

SPREAD: 6-8 ft.

​ZONE: 4-8

​Genetic dwarf introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1950. Red fruit with a small stone. Very productive. A sour pie cherry. Blooms in early May. No cross-pollination needed. Bright red deepening to mahogany skin. Yellow, juicy, tender flesh. Tree resistant to leaf spot and brown rot.

5 gallon pot. ​$98

HEIGHT: 8-12 ft.

SPREAD: 6-10 ft.

ZONE: 4-8

​Blue - European Plum. Good eaten off tree. Excellent for dessert, jam and preserves. Tender, juicy flesh. Considered the best blue cultivar in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

5 gallon pot. ​$88




We currently have Contender peaches and a few plums in stock. We are expecting the cherries, Honeycrisp apples, Serviceberries, and Redhaven peaches in mid August. We are taking pre-orders for our next delivery so we invite you to reserve your trees in advance if you're sure you want to buy one. To place an order, you can call the store at 651-645-0818 or send us an email at order@eggplantsupply.com. We also stock composts, mulches, tree watering bags, tree guards and planting tools too. Happy planting!

HEIGHT: ~15 ft.

SPREAD: ~15 ft.

​ZONE: 4-7

​An exciting apple that is exceptionally crisp and juicy. Flavor is sweet but well-balanced. Excellent storage life, up to 7 months.  Ripens in late September in Minnesota and stores like a late season variety. Has become an outstanding commercial and home orchard variety because of its explosive crispness, flavor and storage life. Minnesota's state fruit!

5 gallon pot. ​$98

HEIGHT: 20-25 ft.

​SPREAD: 15 ft.

​ZONE: 3-8

​This tree offers white blossoms in spring, followed by showy, sweet purplish-black fruit. Heavily branched, the tree has an interesting spreading branch pattern, and attractive light gray bark. The brilliant fall leaves are quite persistent.

​10 gallon pot. ​$188