Classic American breed, great for backyard flocks, hardy, prolific layers, calm disposition, lustrous, rich, dark red color with a black tail.

​​Ameraucana/Easter Egger 

Size: 5.5 lbs  Egg: Light blue, green, or pinkish-brown  Cost: $6.00​​

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Buff Orpington 

Size: 6 lbs  Egg: Brown  Cost: $5.50​​

Also called Red Star, Golden Comet or Isa Brown, these chickens are guaranteed to be female because, unlike most breeds, female chicks are a different color than male chicks. A hardy, docile bird, easy to work with, earliest and most prolific layer.

Originally bred in England, cold-hardy, large friendly golden birds of quiet disposition, reliable layers of large brown eggs.

Classic American breed, great for backyard flocks; hardy, prolific layers. A beautiful white chicken with a docile temperament, very productive white egg-layer, with a larger body than a Leghorn.

Superb dual-purpose heritage breed, good-natured, very cold-hardy, dependable layer, showy feathers are silvery white and edged with black.

Rhode Island Red

Size: 5 - 5.5 lbs  Egg: Brown  Cost: $5.50

2017 chick orders

The “Australian Orpington” is a prolific layer, docile, quiet, very hardy, shiny rich black plumage with a greenish-purple sheen.

​​​Barred Rock

Size: 5 - 5.5 lbs  Egg: Brown  Cost: $5.50​​

Originally from Chile in South America, the Araucana was discovered by the Araucana Indians. The Ameraucana is an American bred variant, often referred to as an Easter Egger. The color of their egg shells vary from pale blue to various shades of green or light brownish/pink.  Small pea comb.  A fun, friendly addition to the backyard flock.

breeds available

​​​Gold Star 

Size: 4 - 4.5 lbs  Egg: Brown  Cost: $5.50

We get weekly deliveries of day-old female chicks from a small hatchery in Iowa from February through June. They are driven by postal truck overnight to the Twin Cities the day they hatch. All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's Disease. Our current delivery schedule is every Thursday, please order two weeks in advance of your desired delivery date. 

We offer chicken keeping classes through-out the year and provide a chick care sheet to help get you started. Call 651-645-0818 to order chicks or with other questions. 

We carry everything you need for keeping backyard chickens: feed and bedding, supplements, feeders and waterers in various sizes, books, toys, treats, and even heating options for winter. See more about what we have in the store on our chicken keeping supplies product page.

Every September there's a Twin Cities Chicken Coop Tour for chicken owners to show off their coops and where fellow chicken enthusiasts or future chicken owners can chat about chickens, trade ideas and share knowledge. It's a free, self-guided tour of coops thanks to volunteers who generously open their lives and yards to share their chicken-keeping experiences.

​​Black Australorp 

Size: 5 - 6.5 lbs  Egg: Brown  Cost: $5.50

All-American breed from the 1860s, great dual-purpose bird, excellent layer, adaptable, cold-hardy and friendly, black and white zebra striped feathers.

​​Silver Laced Wyandotte

Size: 4 - 4.5 lbs  Egg: Brown  Cost: $5.50

California White 

Size: 4 - 4.5 lbs  Egg: White  Cost: $5.50​​