Light Brahma
Size: 6-8 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Brown, approx. 200/year 

Cost: $8.00

Sex-link. A breed whose exact genetic makeup is a closely guarded secret, these chickens are almost certainly guaranteed to be hens which makes them one of our most popular breeds! Well-known for being friendly and easy to care for as well as extremely productive with beautiful copper colored feathers.

Sex-link. Excellent brown egg layers with unique gray and lavender plumage, these hens are great foragers and are very alert when out in the yard. They have a friendly, calm temperament and are quiet. They are cold and heat hardy, and will keep laying eggs even into the winter months.

Buckeye (New for 2022)

Size:  6 - 7 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Brown, approx. 200/year 

Cost: $8

Heritage breed. A large, fluffy, white chicken with black neck and tail feathers, a pea comb, and fancy feathered feet. Dual purpose. Their docile, gentle, and quiet temperament makes them one of the best breeds around children. This breed stands quite tall, up to 30". Hens sometimes go broody and are attentive mothers.

A unique breed of chicken with a black body and huge bouffant crest of white head feathers and v-shaped comb. A gentle and active chicken. Heat hardy and slightly cold sensitive.

​​Sex-link. Excellent brown egg layer and very cold-hardy. Primarily black with golden neck and chest feathers. Friendly and quiet, this breed is a cross between a Barred Rock hen and a Rhode Island Red rooster! A gentle and active chicken.

Sapphire Gem (New for 2022)
Size: 6 - 7 lbs  

Egg: Extra-large, Brown, approx. 290/year 

Cost: $9.00

​Sex-link. Derived from the ISA genetic line, these hens are very well-rounded. All-around good layers (even in the winter) with an excellent temperament, cold-hardy and heat tolerant, as well as great foragers. Feathers are mainly white with bits of red or amber. A docile and mellow chicken.

Beautiful deep brown plumage with some red around the neck, typically with feathered feet. A calm, friendly chicken known to perform well in any climate. They lay the darkest brown egg of any of the breeds we carry!

*Replaced the Midnight Majesty Maran as Hoovers isn't hatching any more this year :(

2022 chick orders

Heritage breed. The only American chicken bred by a woman! They have a small pea-comb and beautiful deep red plumage. Dual-purpose, easy-going, both cold and heat tolerant. The Buckeye is the ultimate combination of utility and hardiness for the backyard flock. Active, friendly, vocal breed chicken.

Heritage breed. The “Australian Orpington” is a large and docile bird that was originally bred for egg production. Today's Australorps are dual-purpose and well suited to back yard environments. Plumage is pure black with an intense beetle-green sheen that is breathtaking in the sunlight. Cold and heat hardy, docile, energetic.

Silver-Laced Wyandotte

Size: 5 - 6 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Cream, approx. 245/year

Cost: $7.00

Heritage breed. Named after the English town where they were developed, this classic dual-purpose breed is loved for their productivity and friendly, "golden retriever-like" nature. A great choice for first time chicken owners and families with young children. Quiet birds with fluffy feathers, sometimes broody, cold hardy.

 ​​​​White Crested Black Polish

Size: 4 - 5 lbs  

Egg: Small, White, approx. 100/year 

Cost: $10.00 

​​​Barred Rock

Size: 5-6 lbs  

Egg: Large, Brown, approx. 250/year 

Cost: $7.00

Typically gold and brown patterned feathers, but can be shades of gray, white or black. An active bird with a small pea comb, these birds are a very popular choice for the color of their eggs which can range from turquoise to olive to light pink. Docile, friendly chicken.

breeds available 2022

Heritage breed. People own Salmon Faverolles for their silliness, curiosity, and their steady egg production. These bearded beauties are great docile birds that are very friendly. They have lovely white and red/brown plumage, feathered legs and an extra toe!

ISA Brown/​​​Gold Star 

Size: 5 lbs  

Egg: Large, Brown, approx. 320/year 

Cost: $7.00

​​All chicks are sexed at the hatchery with a 90% guarantee of accuracy. All of the chicks we order are female and we've had very good luck with Hoover's Hatchery. We also offer several sex-link or auto-sexing options. This means that male and female chicks have different colors or markings at the time of hatch and that you're almost certain to get a hen with these breeds. All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's disease. 

​​*Update for 2023: We are currently in the process of choosing what breeds we'll carry for 2023. Please check back later in December to see the full list, and we'll start taking orders in January. Thanks for your patience!

From late February until July, we have day-old female chicks for sale. We offer a variety of winter-hardy breeds so that our customers can choose the right hens for their needs, whether they're looking for fresh eggs, a fun mix of breeds, a rainbow of egg colors, or all three! We'd love to help you get started with your own backyard flock! Here is a Chick Care Sheet to help start your planning. Call us with any questions at 651-645-0818 or check our Chicken FAQ page!​​

​​​Cream Legbar (New for 2022)  
Size: 5 - 7 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Blue, approx. 280/year

Cost: $18

Auto-sexing. The most popular auto-sexing chicken in the world! Plumage is a mix of cream shades overlaid with faint black barring and they have a small crest behind the comb. Prolific layer of medium eggs that range from light blue to a light turquoise. Active and hardy chicken.

​Buff Orpington 

Size: 6 - 8 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Brown, approx. 220/year 

Cost: $7.00

​​Black Australorp 

Size: 5-6 lbs  

Egg: Large, Brown, approx. 250/year 

Cost: $7.00

Heritage breed. Developed in New York, a strikingly beautiful heritage chicken with a small rose comb and feathers that have a black and silver lace pattern. Quiet, easy to manage, very winter hardy.

Heritage breed. An all-American breed first introduced in Massachusetts in the mid 19th century, these dual-purpose birds are well-known for their hardiness, calm nature, egg production, and beautiful black and white plumage. 

Black Copper Maran*

Size: 6-7 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Dark brown, approx. 225/year 

Cost: $13.00

​  How to order:​​​​

  • ​​​Select your chicks from the breeds below
  • Select a pick-up date (any Thursday from February 24th to July 14th.) We recommend placing your order at least two weeks in advance of your pick-up date. Plan for the chicks to be inside, under a brooder lamp, for about six to eight weeks before they will be ready to live outside. 
  • See the Baby Chick Supplies page for a list of what you need for raising chicks.
  • Send us an e-mail at with your name, phone number, pick-up date, chick choices and any supplies you would like to order. 
  • Sit back and relax; we'll be in touch with your order confirmation! (We require all chick orders to be prepaid which can be done in person or over the phone after you receive your order confirmation. There is also a $2.00 fee included with each order for a chick travel box.)

Black Star (New for 2022)
Size: 5 - 6 lbs  

Egg: Large, Brown, approx. 250/year

Cost: $7

Heritage breed. One of the oldest known chicken breeds, mahogony feathers with black, blue, and white speckles which become more pronounced with age. A docile, friendly, gentle chicken. Heat and cold hardy.

Amberlink (New for 2022)

Size: 5 - 6 lbs

Egg: Large, brown, approx. 300/yr

Cost: $7

​​​Speckled Sussex
Size: 7 - 8 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Cream, approx. 240/year 

Cost: $8.00

​​Americana/Easter Egger

Size: 4.5 - 5 lbs  

Egg: Medium, Light blue, green, or pinkish-brown, approx. 240/year  

Cost: $8.00

Salmon Faverolles 

​Size: 4 - 5 lbs.

Egg:  Medium, Light brown, approx. 180/year

​Cost: $8.00