We stock a wide range of standard and unusual gardening tools. You will find Nejiri Gama hand hoes and hori hori knives, old-fashioned wood handled pruners and retro metal trowels from Japan. We have three different garden and compost sieves, wooden and metal dibbers, trellis netting and twine, hats, gloves, watering cans and more. We sell sturdy broadforks made in Wisconsin and traditional triangle hoes made in Minnesota.

We sell organic potting and seed-starting soils from Happy Frog/Foxfarm, Espoma, Purple Cow, Black Gold and Mississippi Topsoils, as well as several types of bagged compost in season, including leaf compost, composted chicken manure, and mushroom compost. For your ultimate soil mix or your square foot garden, we have Canadian peat mss, coconut coir, coarse vermiculite (4 cu. ft. bags). Growing supplies include both liquid and granular organic fertilizers and soil amendments such as blood and bone meal, lime, rock phosphate, azomite, alfalfa meal and oyster shell, soil acidifier, and various fertilizer mixes.

We have both indoor and outdoor container options, terra cotta and plastic standard pots, self-watering pots and planters, raised bed garden kits, Earth Boxes, canvas and fiber pots and grow bags.  

growing supplies