​​​​​​​We choose our flowering seeds and plants with an eye for those that will attract native bees and other pollinators.  In addition, we stock a number of native bee houses, bat houses, and other accessories to help you create a blooming and productive backyard habitat. We do not sell honeybees or beekeeping supplies at this time.


Bees and pollinator gardens

This year, we've expanded our list of pollinator-friendly native plants and seeds! We will be getting a large variety of native plants from Glacial Ridge Growers and we are also now carrying native wildflower and grass mixes from Seed Savers Exchange. Our bee lawn options from Twin Cities Seed Company have also grown to include some new mixes as well as the old favorites. If you're interested in learning more about bee lawns and native planting, or if you're ready to start converting your yard, Blue Thumb is a great resource for information. They also have the Lawns to Legumes program which gives grants for installing pollinator friendly lawns and gardens.