pest and weed control

We specialize in organic and natural pest and weed control. 

Weed control methods include corn gluten for preventing weed seed germination, and iron phosphate and clove-oil based sprays for established or perennial weeds.  You can also control weeds organically with the Mini Dragon Flame weeder, or smother them with paper mulch, pine bark or wood mulch. Adding cover crops to your gardens and your lawn will attract beneficial insects and keep weeds at bay. Cover crop seeds we carry include New Zealand White clover, oats and rye, peas and vetch.

Pests in the garden can be managed or controlled with floating row covers, bird and insect netting, organic sprays such as insecticidal soaps, neem oil, fly and maggot sticky traps.  We also carry smell-based granular and spray repellants for larger four-footed pests that will not harm you, your children, other pets or beneficial insects. We have books and pamphlets to increase your knowledge about good bugs and bad bugs, good weeds and bad weeds, to help you find the least harmful methods of control to ensure the beauty of your garden and the maximum production of veggies and fruits.