The basic supplies you need for raising baby chicks are:

1  brooder lamp with ceramic base and clamp  $26.99

1  250 watt red heat bulb  $10.99

1  chick feeder base, plastic or galvanized metal $4.99

1  chick water base, plastic or galvanized metal $3.49

2  regular mouth quart jars, glass or plastic, to put onto the feeder and water bases   $2.99

1 bale of pine shaving bedding   $12.00  

1  bag chick grit   2 lb $1.99, 7 lbs $10.99

1  bag chick starter feed:

       40 lbs Nature's Grown organic crumble - $42

       40 lbs Scratch & Peck organic, whole grain, soy free  - $66

       23 lbs Mile Four organic, whole grain, soy free, local - ​$32

       40 lbs Prince conventional crumble (regular or medicated) - $24

40 lbs of chick starter feed lasts 3 chicks approximately 6 weeks, and they will need to eat it for at least 2 months before switching to grower feed.

​​For the first few days, use paper towels in the bottom of the brooder. It helps the chicks learn what is and isn't food and it also helps them learn to stand and walk without their feet sliding around on the shavings. After 3 or 4 days, feel free to switch to the pine bedding, it smells much better! If your brooder is made of plastic or something similarly slippery, it may help to keep paper towels down underneath the bedding.

They should only be eating the chick feed at first and the chick grit is added once they start eating things other than the chick starter feed. After 3 or 4 weeks, you can feed them chopped up mealworms, veggie/fruit scraps, or small seeds, and at that point they will need the grit for digestion. You can add it into their food, or spread it on the floor of their enclosure, they'll find it either way. If feeding whole grain starter feed add chick grit right away.

We also offer a chick starter bundle which includes:

​1  brooder lamp, with a ceramic base
1  250 watt red heat bulb
1 chick feeder base, plastic or galvanized metal (you choose)
1 chick water base, plastic or galvanized metal (you choose)
2 regular mouth quart jars, glass or plastic (you choose), to put onto the feeder and water bases

​1 book - Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens

1 2 lb bag of chick grit

1 40 lb bag of starter feed (see choices at top of page)

1  bale of pine shaving bedding 

1 egg collecting basket, heavy duty coated wire

The bundle will cost approximately $125 to $170 depending on what kind of feed you choose. These items are also all available individually, but if you're just starting out we really do recommend getting the full bundle since it has everything you'll need to get started minus the brooder container.

You can email us a list of the supplies you need for your chicks at

Please include in your email:

Your name (and the name your chick order is listed under)

Your phone number - where you can be reached for payment

Your scheduled chick delivery date

List of individual supplies you need OR if you'd like the Chick Starter Bundle

If you want starter feed and how much

If you want bedding and how much

Any other questions or items you need

 We ask that you call us to prepay as soon as you're able after placing your order. This helps pick-up days go much faster and smoother.  All chick orders will include the $2 chick carrier box at this time.

Once you've paid, you can pick up your supplies before your chick order comes in if you like or pick up on on the same day your chicks arrive.  On your chick delivery day please knock on the front door when you arrive if you'd like to maintain social distancing or just come inside, let us know the name on your order, and we can pack up your chicks for you!

Thank you for adapting with us and please email if you have any questions!  We are doing our best to keep up and we appreciate your patience as we fine tune our new ways of operating!

Baby chick supplies